Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Procrastinating Planner

Like the title says... I'm a procrastinating planner, and that's probably the reason why it took this particular post three days to be written instead of the of the one hour I originally intended. Its actually amazing when you look at it, we have the ability to dreams dreams, set goals and do it so good to the point it looks like fine art. I bet a lot of us could plan someones life, out give them advice with detailed play by play and it will make them a success, but when it comes to ourselves when the perfect plan has been created, that's where it ends. 

For whatever reason we are unable to move beyond the planning stage, even though we know exactly what to do, and if you're like me i'm about to give you my two cents on who to get up off your butt and get something done. 

Just so you know there really isn't any short cuts to building a hardworking consistent habit, it takes time, discipline and focus, sure good things come to us sometimes, but most of the times to have good things come into your life continuously you'll have to work for it. So don't look at the following as a quick fix, but more of a stepping stone to building that consistent work habit. 

Problems & Solutions.
1. You're too distracted: Your plan is in front of you, so is Facebook, Instamatic, Whatsapp, Kik, Snap chat, Clash of Clans and a million tabs in your browser. You will never get anything done. So chuck the distractions and leave only your task before you. look at them deep in the eyes, and don't do anything else until you start to do whats before you. 

2. You planned, you know where to start but it still feels like you don't know where to start. Sounds dumb but that's how I feel a lot of times. In this event just start somewhere, anywhere, pick the part that seems the easiest. And if you plan on starting the next day, do the thing that seems the hardest, and everything else will be easy. 

3. You simply have no motivation or drive: This is a tough one really because we are all different, but for everything you do there is a reason, find a motivating reason to get this task done, whether it leads to happiness, more money, for family, find a strong one and ask yourself, "How will I feel if I get this done?" that works for me. 

That's all I have for this blog, but seriously if you're a planner, work on your execution. You will become and absolute beast!  

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