Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Procrastinating Planner

Like the title says... I'm a procrastinating planner, and that's probably the reason why it took this particular post three days to be written instead of the of the one hour I originally intended. Its actually amazing when you look at it, we have the ability to dreams dreams, set goals and do it so good to the point it looks like fine art. I bet a lot of us could plan someones life, out give them advice with detailed play by play and it will make them a success, but when it comes to ourselves when the perfect plan has been created, that's where it ends. 

For whatever reason we are unable to move beyond the planning stage, even though we know exactly what to do, and if you're like me i'm about to give you my two cents on who to get up off your butt and get something done. 

Just so you know there really isn't any short cuts to building a hardworking consistent habit, it takes time, discipline and focus, sure good things come to us sometimes, but most of the times to have good things come into your life continuously you'll have to work for it. So don't look at the following as a quick fix, but more of a stepping stone to building that consistent work habit. 

Problems & Solutions.
1. You're too distracted: Your plan is in front of you, so is Facebook, Instamatic, Whatsapp, Kik, Snap chat, Clash of Clans and a million tabs in your browser. You will never get anything done. So chuck the distractions and leave only your task before you. look at them deep in the eyes, and don't do anything else until you start to do whats before you. 

2. You planned, you know where to start but it still feels like you don't know where to start. Sounds dumb but that's how I feel a lot of times. In this event just start somewhere, anywhere, pick the part that seems the easiest. And if you plan on starting the next day, do the thing that seems the hardest, and everything else will be easy. 

3. You simply have no motivation or drive: This is a tough one really because we are all different, but for everything you do there is a reason, find a motivating reason to get this task done, whether it leads to happiness, more money, for family, find a strong one and ask yourself, "How will I feel if I get this done?" that works for me. 

That's all I have for this blog, but seriously if you're a planner, work on your execution. You will become and absolute beast!  

Saturday, 10 May 2014


So yesterday is was about letting her go.

This morning I gave it some more thought, and this came to me:

Now as I write this blog, I’m mentally taking stock of all the things I’ve been wasting my resources on. Things, activities, relationships with people that drain you more than support you,
The sad thing is, we hear our friends talking about doing this,
retweet tweets about not giving a sh!t
shared and like Facebook pics about letting go
And lord knows how many tumblr quotes has resonated with your very being, yet no action is taken on your part.

And now I just realize that majority of people, don’t really take action, until it becomes so unbearable, it forces us to take action (I wish I was the type to just learn from other people mistakes and avoid crap all together). In other words some of us won’t be able to let go, of the things that don’t serve us, until it becomes unbearable. For those of you out there like me, I hope you realize this and start letting go sooner than later.

Some tips:
1. Take stock of the things you want in your life that will make you and those in your life happy.

2. Take stock of the things you have that will GET you the things you want in your life.

3. Take stock of the things you currently have in your life, that WILL NOT help you get what you want
(whatever you have at step three… TOSS IT TO THE CURB, TORCH IT, DROP IT, whatever lose it. You need space for 4)

4. Take stock of all the things you DON’T have that you will need to get you where you want to be, and go get them.

Life is short, in everything we gain experience, but let us for the sake of ourselves, learn from the screw up of other people.
Care freely, but carefully.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Let Her Go...

“Go for women you perceive to be ‘out of your league.’ You’ll surprise yourself. 

This is a tip from a list of 45 Ultimate tips for men. And I can attest to this, win or lose, you gain a lot from doing this. In my case I learned to let go.
There comes a point in a man’s life when he falls for that girl he can’t get, no matter how good he is, no matter his approach, even if you thought you were going to win, somehow you screwed it up,
you can’t get near, her walls are up, but you stay on the other side.
Create illusions of fancy in your head,
you date her in your mind,
she still talks to you (in the friend zone) and you’re all too happy to eat it up…. Well guess what.

You have wasted, and if you are still on that train, hoping things will change, I’ll strongly advise you to bail, post haste, and take all the cuts and bruises that come along with jumping off a moving train, for your chances of survival are greater, than it would be when you hit the dead end.
A couple weeks ago I bailed that train, I got some cuts and bruises, but I healed up quite well, and now I’m stronger than ever, wiser, and I’m actually thankful for that train ride, for now I’m able to see the big picture, and to be honest… the train I was on wasn't all that It was hyped up to be.
I was more in love with the idea of what could be, and paralyzed by the fear of what it would be like without.  

Seriously gentlemen, in most cases that’s all there is, a pretty face, a captivating personality, with a nice body you pour your ideals into, without realizing she’s not yours and she runs away, and you give chase…  Just let her go….. Let her go…. Let her go (sing it like the ice princess of frozen.)
If you are in such situation, take a step back, waaaaay back, delete her number, turn off her chat on Facebook, unfollow, whatever, just take some time away, to look at the big picture, and ask yourself, is this what I want, Is this really worth it… Let me know
As far as I see it, never put all your eggs in one basket. You are young, there are a lot of ideal women out there for you, losing one won’t kill you, It merely teaches you.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Being Assertive!

Assertion, this is probably one of my biggest problem, whether you’re laid back like me, or weak willed, passive, there comes a point in your life when is enough. This point came for me when I realized that to be the man I want to be, taking shit and standing up for yourself is a huge negative!
So jump on the assertive train, and for some it may not be easy, but start small, the easiest way for me was to use this little two letter word (NO) ß This right here, is a powerful weapon that can free you from a lot of things.

Ever been over worked with a lot on your plate and that friend comes to you asking you a favor, but you have too much on you plate, and give them that favor and it breaks the plate….

GUESS WHAT? Saying no saves your plate! And you may probably feel bad at turning down your friend but look at it this way. Would a real friend get mad if you say no? I don’t think so. And what good are you to your friends if you are broken to bits? Think about it.
And asserting yourself doesn't mean being a d!ck please note.

Here is a great read on being assertive How to be assertive: The Art of Manliness,
Learn to be assertive stand up for yourself, be yourself.  

Friday, 30 August 2013


I'm probably late but this is cool! Building a mobile app via drag and drop. 

Appy Pie Makes Making an App as Easy as Pie


We all want to make it in life, but the question is...


Let me put it this way, each of us have a destination, that destination is where ever you want it to be. Once you have have decided on a destination, then comes the road trip, 
filled with many stops and detours and all that awesomeness that accompanies the road trip of life.
Now when on a road trip, you need a good vehicle (your body) with a beefy engine (will/desire) and proper navigation (your mind), and other supplies which will vary depending on where you want to go. 
For example on my road trip I want to be one of the best in the Information Technology field, hence I'll need a lot of IT based stuff. Get it?

With that said find your desire. A tip to finding your desire is taking time out, think about things you love to do, ask yourself life searching questions. 

For example, if you had a magic wand that could give you that dream life? 

1) What will you have / what will you be doing?

2) How would other people describe you?

3) What will you think about yourself?

Answer these questions like you already living this life, and work towards it.
Its that simple. If you want something go for it.

Its important to know your desires/destination will change. Life isn't rigid, just go with the flow of progress.  

Friday, 23 August 2013


So there is no two ways about this. We've tried all the YouTube videos, how to stay focused, how to be successful the list goes on, but like any real issue, or challenge you have to start from the source, the root, from the tutorial level in video games, you get the idea. 

"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength." - Marcus Aurelius

"For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his mind will remain the greatest enemy." - Gadadhara Pandit Das

"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle." - Sun Tzu

"You are what you think, you are" 

You get the get the idea, w ell I if you want to be successful, you have to think successful, if you want to be confident, think things that breeds confidence. 
If you keep thinking negative well that's what you will be negative. Do not get it twisted thought, I KNOW it is NOT an easy task to undo years of metal wiring, but Its not impossible.

So I guess the logic question is: How can I change the way I think?    

Here are some ways that I find effective:

1. Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO): 
If your mental and physical inputs are negative, self defeating, "I'm broke" etc then that's exactly what you will be. Start to input positive things, watch some motivational YouTube videos, to start your day, read something inspirational, something beneficial, start small work yourself up.

2. Meditation:
100 Reasons to meditate.

Once you learn how to it, its of great benefit, I can testify to that. 

3. Get a journal:
Write write write write read what you have written, the more you do the more you'll understand your mind. 

4. Live in gratitude and appreciation for those around you, be objective, nothing is either good or bad, but a learning experience. 

That concludes the list of things I do, and its working great for me so far, find what works for you and implement it post haste. Please share your ways with me too.